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Outsourced Accounting & Tax Services

Apride offers outsourced book keeping, accounting and tax services to the UK accounting firms. Key functions are explained below.


Client On-boarding

We help the Accounting firms in the UK to on-board new clients by collecting their KYC, getting them sign the contract letters and set up various taxes or Limited company based on the requirements

Company Formation

Be it a Limited Company or LLP, we can offer our services to incorporate the same at Companies House. Incorporation Certificate,Share Certificates,Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association documents will also be provided to the clients on behalf of the Accounting firms.


Book keeping

It is very essential for the Accountants to get the correct Trial balance to prepare the Financial reports on time.But usually it gets very difficult for the accounting  firms to process a bag full of receipts within the time frame and rely up on expensive softwares for book keeping. Apride is here to offer book keeping and prepare Trial Balance at a reasonable price without any hassles.

Financial Reports & Confirmation Statement

We prepare Trial Balance, PNL, Balance sheet ,Company Annual Accounts and Confirmation Statement for the clients on behalf of UK Accountants. Confirmation statement and Annual Accounts are then submitted to Companies House before the due dates.

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Corporation Tax

We help the UK Accountants to be their client's agent by applying for agent authorization. Corporation Tax return will be prepared along with the Annual Accounts and submitted to HMRC on behalf of the Accounting firms.

VAT (Value Added Tax)

We apply for VAT agent authorization to authorize the Accounting firms to act on behalf of their clients.VAT returns are prepared quarterly or annually and submitted to HMRC on behalf of the UK accountants.



We set up PAYE/Payroll for the clients of UK Accountants and run monthly payroll and produce payslips.Agent authorization,RTI submissions,year end payroll returns.etc. will be carried out on behalf of the accountants.

CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)

We offer CIS agent authorization, preparation and submission of CIS returns and  CIS Sufferings for the clients of the UK Accountants.


Self Assessment

We offer Self Assessment registration,agent authorization,preparation and submission of income tax returns to HMRC for both Limited company Directors and self employed/sole trader clients of UK Accounting firms.